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Best Jeans for Apple-Shaped Plus-Size Women 

    Best jeans for apple shaped plus size

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    Jeans are a fashion staple in everyone’s wardrobe. They go with anything and everything, and maybe that’s the reason they are never out of fashion. Almost all of us own multiple pairs of jeans for different occasions and even for our comfy days. We cannot simply deny the usefulness of jeans in our lives.

    However, trying to find the right pair of jeans for your body type, can be a little tricky but totally worth the effort. After all, dressing as per your body type is the best way to flatter it. So, if you’re a woman with an apple-shaped plus-size body and have been struggling to find the right jeans for your body type, then this article is for you.

    Now, there are different types and styles of jeans available out there but the best jeans for apple shaped plus size body type are:

    • Straight or Slim: If you are someone who’s not comfortable with wearing tight-fitted jeans then going for slim and straight structured jeans is a good option for you.
    • Bootcut: A bootcut helps you in balancing out the curvy silhouette and sets your proportions in a more defined ratio.
    • Skinny: A high-raised pair of skinny jeans will help you add more definition to your waistline while enhancing your curves.
    • Flared: This is the best jeans for plus size apple shape body type since it balances out any sort of volume created by the upper body or shoulders.

    Based on these jeans’ types, we have prepared a list of the best jeans for apple-shaped plus-size body shape, available to you at reasonable prices on Amazon. So, sit back and scroll through our best recommendations. Here we go!

    Bell Bottom Jeans for Women High Waisted

    Let’s start with the typical blue denim jeans. Firstly, not owning a pair of blue denim jeans is strictly a crime. So, if you don’t have one, then this is one of the best jeans for apple-shaped plus-size figure that’ll help you flaunt your curves and angles perfectly. Comfortable to wear and perfect to your fit, this long blue jean is made of breathable stretch denim fabric. The bell-bottom legs add definition to your lower body. You can use it for daily, casual style purposes.

    ALLABREVE Women Plus Size Ripped Stretch Skinny Jeans, High Rise Distressed Denim Jegging

    The black-colored, skinny ripped jeans, paired with the right pair of shoes are just what you need for your stylish casual look. These jeans are made up of premium ultra-stretch fabric and therefore are very comfortable and stretchy to the point that they let your skin breathe freely. Their perfect fit around the hips, thighs, and ankle will help you enhance your natural curves and you can pair them with almost all your outfits like T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, blazers, etc. for your everyday outfits.

    Here’s a promising review of a customer from Amazon:

    “I love how they fit and I love the ripped style as well! They are very flattering and the fabric is super comfortable. I can wear these pants all day, so much so that I will actually buy another pair ever since I tried these I am in love!”- Buzgal, Amazon.

    Lee Women’s Plus Size Flex Motion Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean

    The Lee Women’s jeans are a simple and comfortable piece of clothing that you’d regret not having in your wardrobe. It is a mix of 87% Cotton, 11% Polyester, 2% Spandex and thus, is machine washable. The deep intense Niagara color and the straight leg design helps in providing you a more elegant look and is perfect for any formal occasion. Now if you have an apple-shaped body with a rounded tummy and full waistline then this mid-rise design will facilitate you with a better fit and control over your stomach. You can pair it up with kitten heels, pumps, or French heels, particularly nude colors.

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    Democracy Women’s Plus Size Ab Solution Ankle Skimmer Jean

    Ankle-length jeans are one of the best jeans for apple-shaped plus-size women. They make you look cute and adorable as well as fashionable at the same time. This pair of jeans is a super comfortable and value-for-money piece of clothing that you can gift yourself. It’s machine washable and you can pair it with different casual tops and t-shirts to create your own everyday, comfy outfits. Pair running shoes with jeans to get the sporty look.

    “It was like the heavens opened up and dropped the perfect jeans in my lap. They look nice and they don’t squeeze my stomach so tight that I want to unbutton them and go on a diet! You can also roll the small “roll up” down if you want them to touch you right at the ankle.”- quotes C. Harris, another happy customer on Amazon.

    Dickies Women’s Perfect Shape Denim Jean-Skinny Stretch Plus Size

    The Dickies Women’s high-rise skinny jeans are soft and comfortable and feature a classic five-pocket style. If you have more volume at your shoulders, then this beautiful pair of jeans will help you balance that out. You can pair it with casual shoes and comfy t-shirts and tops for a casual day or funk it up with high heels and elegant tops for a special occasion.

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    Wrangler Go-To Boot Cut Plus Jean

    This pair of jeans is straight away the best pick if you’re looking for something casual and comfortable. It is a mid-rise jean with a contour waistband that’ll stick around to your belly and provide you a better grip around that area. The perfect bootcut shape and correct length according to different sizes makes it another best jeans for apple-shaped plus-size figures. It is an amazing product with 4+ star ratings and satisfactory reviews from a large number of customers.

    One of the happily satisfied customers quotes:

    “I was worried as they looked small when I opened the package. I put them on and they fit so perfect. Like a glove! Tight on my thighs and perfect around the waist. They have the perfect amount of stretch and are made with quality. I highly recommend these.”

    ALLABREVE Women Plus Size Ripped Stretch Skinny Jeans, High Rise Distressed Denim Jegging

    Now, how about something for your special occasions? Jeans with something a little extra are always attractive and fun to wear and when they have pearls on them, you just can’t say no. This pair of jeans by ALLABREVE, adorned with little white pearls are just the pick for apple-shaped women for their special parties or occasions. Slim fit, high-rise jeans just the right length to highlight your ankles and your curves while the fading light colors perfectly balance your natural body. Pair them up with the right pair of heels and VOILA! They are extremely comfortable and super stretchy. You can match them up with a nice crop top with a deep V neck or sweetheart neck alongside a pair of elegant heels to opt for a more glamorous look.

    Twiin Sisters Women’s Denim Stretch High Rise Flared

    Anything with flares helps you in balancing out the volume created by your upper body in an apple-shaped body type. These flared, bell-bottomed jeans by Twiin Sisters, is one of the best jeans for plus-size apple-shape. The medium wash helps you in naturally drawing more attention to your lower body while leveling all the proportions of your figure, though several other color options are also available on the site. You can wear them on almost all occasions, be it work, casual, home, hanging out and they are great for walking, going to party, clubs, night out, or even your vacations.

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    Agnes Orinda Women’s Plus Size Denim Jeans Mid Rise Stretch Washed Skinny

    These mid-rise skinny jeans are one of the most versatile jeans for apple-shaped plus-size women. Aside from having just the right amount of stretch to accentuate your curves, they are also extremely comfortable and easy to maintain. You can wear them to the office, shopping, or any other outdoor purposes, and the ankle length is ideal for flaunting your favorite pair of high heels or booties.

    Wrangler Women’s Retro Mae Plus Size Mid Rise Stretch Boot Cut Jean

    This pair of bootcut jeans from Wrangler are an amazing option for a plus-sized, apple-shaped body. They come with a no-gap waistband for that flattering fit, and a higher rise at the back to ensure full coverage. Featuring a gorgeous retro style, these jeans are the ultimate riding jeans you’ll ever want for your favorite pair of cowboy boots.

    Levi’s Women’s 711 Skinny Jeans

    These jeans are on the list for their high demand and extremely comfortable wear. One of the highest-rated products, this pair of jeans by Levi are what you’ll need to add more definition to your legs for an apple-shaped body type. They are elegant and stylish and a perfect fit for your body. Easy machine wash and button closure are some of the plus features of this product. The right length falling just onto your ankles helps in making the whole outfit look more elegant. You can wear them with casual shirts or half-sleeved tops to complete a casual party look.

    Gboomo Womens Plus Size Skinny Jeans Stretchy High Waisted Ankle Jean

    These high-waisted ankle jeans from Gboomo feature stretchy denim, making it easy for your skin to breathe and move in a comfortable way. They naturally hug your curves and keep you in shape all day, including your butt area for that “push up look”. You can pair these jeans with your go-to shirts or sweaters and sneakers if you need a quick, casual day outfit.

    Dickies Women’s Perfect Shape Denim Jean-Bootcut Stretch Plus Size

    Made of 89% Cotton, 8% Polyester, 3% Spandex, these pair of jeans by Dickies, is an essential go-to ideal for everyday wear. They feature a flex tummy panel, making them one of the best jeans for muffin tops, and provide a 46% stretch to help you hold shape while keeping you comfortable. The extremely soft Denim, will not stretch out, instead, it’ll provide a slim and contoured shape to your legs. The rinsed Indigo Blue color looks elegant and royal and the bootcut makes this pair of jeans one of the best jeans for plus size apple shape body type.

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    Democracy Women’s Plus Size Ab Solution Jegging

    This Denim jegging with a skinny fit and classic 5 pocket styling, by Democracy, is a beautiful and stylish jean for a plus-sized body type. It has an elastic waistband and a sweetheart back yoke to support and enhance your curves. The jegging fits just perfectly, neither too tight nor too loose, and helps in adding detailed definition to your legs by hugging them in the right places.

    “Best fitting jeans I have ever owned in my 20 plus size years of adulthood. The “Ab Solution Technology” really does help flatten and support my tummy (2 kids).”- says Susan Olsen, a certified Amazon buyer.

    Democracy Women’s Plus-Size Ab Solution Pull on Itty Bitty Boot

    If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of jeans for your everyday work or office schedule, then this is the pick for you. The jeans are super comfortable and stretchy and, more importantly, enhance your butt in the best possible way. They have a hidden elastic waistband inside along with pockets that all contribute to the “booty lift”. This pair of jeggings is one of the best jeans for apple-shaped plus size body type, which will help you flatter your natural curves and body in the most seamless way.

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    Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Ultra Soft Denim Capri

    This pair of Mid-rise, Capri jeans by Lee is made up of 73% Cotton, 25% Polyester, and 2% Spandex. It features ultra-soft denim and is available in three different colors on the website. These are a perfect pair of jeans for your casual or fun-activity days and are the best jeans for plus size apple shape body type. Their dark color and pockets on both the backsides help in creating an uplifted look on your butt region. You can wear them with any of your favorite t-shirts or tops to get your desired comfy or stylish look.

    ALLABREVE Women Plus Size Ripped Stretch Skinny Jeans, High Rise Distressed Denim Jegging

    These are some of our favorite picks among all the other listed options of jeans. The intense black color and the fishnet mesh pattern at the thighs are just the perfect mix of a casual and stylish look for a plus-size, apple-shaped body. The whole idea of drawing attention to the lower body and enhancing the shape and features of the legs is mastered by this simple yet eye-catchy design. You can pair it up with your favorite short/ crop tops and white shoes to create a complete funky look.

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    Rubugil Women’s Plus Size Skinny Jeans

    This pair of jeans by Rubugil offers you a calm blue color that’ll help you highlight your legs. The high rise design provides a proper grip on your tummy while supporting your belly and back. The jeans are stretchy and will highlight your silhouette while still staying comfortable to wear. You can wear them at your home, casual outings, vacations, and holidays to create a more relaxed and casual look.

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    Tengo Women Plus Size Stretchy Jean High Waist Ripped Crop Skinny Jeans

    These plus-size jeans for apple-shaped women by Tengo are very stylish, perfect to wear for both casual and work outfits. The distressed details make the look more laid-back while the dark blue color still makes it sophisticated. The high-rise design helps in providing more control over your belly region but is still comfortable. Pair them up with loafers or high heels to complete a desirable look.

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    Lee Women’s Plus Size Flex Motion Regular Fit 5 Pocket Capri Jean

    This mid-rise, regular fit, capri jeans are another great pick among the best jeans for plus size apple shape body type in women. They have a flexible, non-binding waistband and you can easily roll and unroll the bottom hem of the capri. They are easy to wash and perfect for your everyday wear. The mid-rise button closure helps in providing an amazing grip at the waist to ensure proper fitting. The jeans are super affordable and available in different colors on the Amazon website.

    Capris are a must-have for women with apple-shaped body types. They help in flattering your body type in a more free and comfortable way. This pair of Democracy’s signature “ab” solution capri jean is made of smooth, stretchable denim. They are a good pick based on their light color and smooth design with a signature curved back yoke and strategically placed pockets which helps in lifting your butt and thus creating volume in that area.

    “Really comfortable, but durable material. Bends easy and isn’t too hot to wear. Since the material is jean-like it is rather thick and doesn’t allow for too much see-through. Can be worn casually to work or for a day out. Band has some elastic to it, so it stretches nicely.”- quotes a satisfied Amazon buyer.

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