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How to Wear a Suit Jacket With Jeans

    Man wearing suit jacket with jeans

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    A suit jacket can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. One thing is for sure, you can count on a suit jacket to match perfectly with jeans. Wear your jeans that have rips and tears or wear jeans that are solid. From business events to casual dates, wearing a suit jacket with jeans is a sure way to add extra flavor to your attire.

    If you need to wear a suit jacket with jeans on a day where you’ll be dressing up, you can wear jeans that have a darker tone like blue or black. If you need to wear a shirt underneath, try wearing a fitted top. Either way, following this guide will help you to achieve a nice outfit that is simple and easy to put together.

    White Suit Jacket, Graphic T-Shirt, and Destroyed Denim

    White suit jacket, graphic t-shirt and destroyed denim

    To start with a look that is more refreshing, try wearing a white blazer with a graphic t-shirt underneath. You can wear a band-style t-shirt or a shirt that has geometric shapes. Your jeans can be ripped, to add an edgier element. With this look, you can wear sneakers in a skater style, like Vans. Usually, canvas-style shoes will work for this look, but if you want to wear more of a sporty shoe, you can totally do so with this type of look by wearing Nike Dunks or Airmax. Be sure to choose a clean-cut sneaker in a style that’s not too busy.

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    Black Suit Jacket, White T-Shirt, and Black Jeans

    How to wear a suit jacket with jeans - black suit jacket, white t-shirt and black jeans

    If you want a clean-cut look, simply wear a white v-neck shirt, with a black suit jacket and jeans. Be careful with this look and keep your shirt solid white. Try to stay away from pin-striped suit jackets when wearing a white t-shirt, as it can look a bit off-putting and does not coordinate well as wearing a solid black jacket or a jacket with subtle designs that may be imprinted in black that can only be seen up close.

    Wheat Color Suit Jacket, White Button Down, and Pocket Square

    Wheat color suit jacket, white button down and pocket square

    Wear a suit jacket with jeans that have a wheat color. You can accent your blue jeans with a blue pocket square. Try wearing a white button down shirt and light-wash jeans. Add a belt and wear wing-tip or oxford style shoes. Add a watch for a sleek look.

    If you want to wear this look for a business meeting or in a professional setting, you can add a top hat in a fedora style. You can even wear a wider brim hat, as well. A hat with a feather detail creates a vintage look that you can even pull off with a pocket watch.

    Plaid Suit Jacket, Dark-Wash Jeans

    Plaid suit jacket, dark-wash jeans

    If you want a look that’s more chill without a tie, you can wear a plaid-style suit jacket that also has pockets on both sides. Keep your look crisp with a light color button-up in white. You can even try a light, pastel pink. Your shirt will be unexpected, but will still tie the outfit together without the colors being unflattering when put together.

    If you want to add more brown colors, try wearing a brown belt with a brass buckle closure. Add dark-wash jeans for an evening look. Try light-wash jeans for a day look in a boot-cut style.

    Grey Suit Jacket, Button Up, and Sweater Vest

    How to wear a suit jacket with jeans - grey suit jacket, button up and sweater vest

    For a collegiate look, wear a grey suit jacket in a wool style with a button-up and a sweater vest. You can add a striped tie since the overall look is monochromatic. Add a brown belt with jeans that are in medium-wash. You can cuff your button-up over your jacket sleeves if you want to showcase an arm accessory like a leather band watch or bracelet. Finish your look with brown penny loafers.

    This type of look pairs well with leather bags also. Try wearing a satchel-style bag or a laptop bag that you can carry with a top handle. You can also opt for a backpack or messenger bag.

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    Blue Suit Jacket, Button Up, and Skinny Jeans

    Blue suit jacket, button up and skinny jeans

    Wear a darker look that will give off a mature, sexy vibe, by starting with a dark blue suit jacket. You can choose a navy or midnight blue. This look will even work with a cobalt blue jacket. Add a blue button-up that’s in a lighter blue color with a brown belt and dark-wash skinny jeans. Cuff your jeans at the hem slightly, or wear more fitted skinny jeans, to showcase your shoes. Add patent leather shoes in an oxford style that also has laces. This way, you give off a dressy vibe that is perfect for date night or special events, but not too dressy as if you were attending a black-tie event.

    Grey Suit Jacket, Destroyed Jeans, and Collared Shirt

    Grey suit jacket, destroyed jeans, and collared shirt

    If you want an extra casual look that also has a bit of edge to it, try wearing a pair of loose-fitting, (yet, not baggy) in a medium-wash, with a destroyed design. Wear your look with brown boots and a blue button-up. Choose a dark grey suit jacket that you can wear buttoned in the front, as well as open. Add sunglasses when the sun is out, which will give you a suave look. You can skip jewelry accessories, to keep your outfit polished.

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    White Shirt, Matching Suit Jacket and Vest

    How to wear a suit jacket with jeans - white shirt, matching suit jacket and vest

    A great way to wear a suit jacket with jeans is to also wear a matching vest with your jacket. Try wearing an olive green or light brown suit jacket. Add a vest with a white button-up and a pair of light, boot-cut jeans. Add a watch in a silver or gold-tone, depending on your preference.  This is a look that will also pair well with a vintage-style pocket watch. You can add a tie if you want to create an elegant look. For shoes, you can wear boots or oxford shoes. If you decide to wear boots, go for a suede style.

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    Sweatshirt, Navy Suit Jacket, and T-Shirt

    Sweatshirt, navy suit jacket and t-shirt

    You can go completely GQ, clean style with a suit jacket in navy and a sweatshirt. Yes, a sweatshirt is spontaneous, which will give your outfit the most high-fashion look. Wear a grey sweatshirt with a white t-shirt underneath. You can wear a button down if you want to, which will give your look a more professional touch. Add a leather belt in brown or black, depending on which shoes you want to wear. Wear light-wash jeans that are trendy with whiskered designs at the upper thigh, so that your outfit is more contemporary.

    Grey Suit Jacket, T-Shirt, and Dark-Wash Jeans

    Grey suit jacket, t-shirt and dark-wash jeans

    When you feel like more of a jet setter, try wearing a grey suit jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. You can wear dark-wash jeans as well. With this look, you can switch it up and wear sneakers instead of dress shoes.

    This is more of a celebrity-inspired look, which has been seen worn by celebrities like Zac Efron.  You can wear black sneakers to match in all black or black and white. You can also wear boots in this style, as well. A pair of Doc Martens or a pair of western-style boots are ideal for this look.

    Boot Cut Jeans, Black Tee, and Black Suit Jacket

    Boot cut jeans, black tee and black suit jacket

    You can wear an all-black look that’s also celebrity-inspired, with black jeans, and a black suit jacket. This look is monochromatic, but you can add a dark brown shoe in a western style, for a rugged type of look. Add accessories like silver rings or a watch, to complete your look. If you add accessories, be sure not to over-accessorize. If you wear hand jewelry, skip a necklace. If it’s a sunny day, add black sunglasses for a sexy, mysterious look. It is very important to make sure your suit jacket is tailored and fits more snuggly to the body. This way, your look is up-to-date and leans away from looking baggy.

    Man wearing suit jacket with jeans

    Wearing a suit jacket with jeans isn’t such a challenge, when you have the right piece underneath, like a t-shirt, button-up, or sweatshirt. You can always wear dark or light-wash, but try to save the darker looks for evening and date night and the lighter-wash jeans for a day look.

    The best thing about wearing a suit jacket with jeans is that your outfit is always complete, even if you have to make a quick change into a full coat. You can still wear your suit jacket underneath. For example, with a full-length coat, you can try to keep your suit jacket on. When you remove your coat, your jacket will keep your outfit put together.

    The next time you’re looking to wear a suit jacket with jeans, whether it’s for travel, work, or in casual settings, always determine what style of jacket is appropriate for the occasion and build with your shirts and jeans.


    Is it okay to wear a suit jacket with jeans?

    Man wearing suit jacket with jeans

    You can wear a suit jacket with jeans and a t-shirt. You can also wear a button-down, sweater and a tie with your suit jacket. Wear your blue or black jeans in a bootcut style, if you’re wearing oxfords. When wearing sneakers with a blazer and jeans, try wearing skinny or slim jeans.

    How do you rock a blazer with jeans?

    The best way to wear a blazer with jeans is to wear a t-shirt or a linen button-down underneath. You can add a leather belt and sneakers for a casual look. When you want to dress for a dinner date or other evening events, try wearing oxfords instead.

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    Are jeans and a blazer business casual?

    Jeans and a blazer can be styled in a business casual way with a white button-down shirt. You can wear a blue or black button-down, as well. When wearing your blue jeans for professional occasions, you can cuff your pants for a more polished look. This type of look pairs best with suede or leather shoes.

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