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15 Best Jeans for Tall Skinny Men

    Best jeans for tall skinny men

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    The search for jeans can be very difficult no matter what height and body type a man has, but for men that are particularly tall and slim, finding jeans that fit well can be even more difficult.

    Men that are slender may find it a complicated process to find the right style of jeans as straight leg or slim-cut pants may give them the appearance of an even smaller frame. The majority of brands stop producing jeans at a certain length for men, with most going up to 36 inches in length at best.

    With most labels using the average man’s dimensions as the basis for their sizing, it will take a bit of work to find the best jeans for tall skinny men that give you a great look.

    The guidelines here will ease the shopping process and provide you with the knowledge and know-how to get the best jeans for tall skinny guys that fit your style objectives and budget.

    Wrangler Authentics Men’s Classic 5-Pocket Relaxed Fit Cotton Jean

    A sturdy, comfortable fit is what many men are most often after, and Wrangler has built a reputation on producing premium jeans that are made from some of the most durable cottons on the market to ensure they can stand up and perform admirably through long days at the job. Featuring a relaxed fit through the thighs and seat with five-pocket styling, Wrangler’s relaxed fit cotton jeans are some of the best jeans for tall skinny men and offer the versatility necessary to wear them day or night, for casual or semi-formal events.

    Hiroshi Kato Skinny Fit Jeans

    Inspired by blue jeans from the classic era, Hiroshi Kato offers denim that combines a vintage appeal with modern technology for a fit that is some of the best jeans for tall skinny guys that can be found on the market today. Made in Japan and featuring their innovative 4-way stretch selvage fabric, there are few brands that offer the type of comfort and fit that this brand is able to produce. Selvage denim is like no other, offering 360 degrees of stretch for a complete range of motion at every angle. Aside from a clean, finished look, these jeans come in 4 available fits, and wearers get a zipper closure, five-pocket styling, and 96% cotton, 4% polyurethane for an immaculate fit ideal for taller, leaner men.

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    Lee Men’s Modern Series Slim-fit Tapered-Leg Jean

    Constructed for a slim fit through the hip and thigh, Lee’s taper fit jeans are yet another variation of their great line of denim that men have grown to adore over the years. These jeans contain a blend of cotton, spandex, elastane, and polyester, which all contribute to the maximum flexibility for a broader range of movement and optimal comfort. Features include a zipper closure, an authentic 5-pocket style, and a fit that sits right below the waist for an ideal fit for leaner, slimmer guys.

    Wulful Men’s Skinny Slim Fit Stretch Jeans

    Although they may not be as well known as other brands on the market, Wulful has a dedicated following that are huge fans of their jean construction and design. The slim and comfortable fit of their skinny jeans makes them perfect for wearing every day. Made from cotton, features include moisture absorption, deep pockets, and a great range of motion. These jeans have definitely been designed with leaner, taller guys in mind as they flatter the wearer and are versatile enough to be worn throughout the day or for a night on the town. Says one satisfied customer:

    “Finding jeans that fit well are so hard to find so I’m glad I came across these as they are a perfect fit for me. A lot of people are complaining about the color fading when washing them but I’ve had no such problem after 9+ washes. The back pocket edge does fold over after putting them in the dryer but nothing an iron can’t fix.”

    Nudie Jeans Lean Dean Jean

    Men that are hesitant to wear skinny jeans or are new to the style and are considering it should definitely look to Nudie Jeans as the point of entry into the fashion trend that has evolved over the years. The company is known for producing premium denim and is known for using several raw and selvage options at a reasonable price that most men can afford. Placing a big emphasis on sustainability in construction, Nudie Jeans offer a slim and tapered look that looks great on men and are some of the best jeans for tall skinny guys and are extremely durable for long days or nights. According to many reviewers, these jeans actually get better as they age and with the company offering free repairs for life, once you purchase a pair, you can be assured that the quality will remain intact through one of their many mobile repair stations.

    Ariat M5 Slim Slackable Straight Leg Jean

    Men that require durable jeans that are built to get the job done can rely on Ariat M5 straight leg jeans as they have been specifically designed with these issues in mind. Whether working on a construction site, in the office, or on the farm, their tapered jeans offer a straight leg fit made of cotton that has been sanded by hand whiskered with leg chevron for a look that is lived in and totally comfortable. Tailored with a low-rise waist, Ariat’s jeans have a slim fit through the waist, thighs, and hips to give slimmer men more definition through their legs and a masculine appeal that men will appreciate. Additional features that men can look forward to when buying these jeans include mixed-technique stitching, anchored belt loops, no-rub comfort inseams, reinforced pockets, and heavy-duty zippers that ensure enhanced durability. Ariat places a high value on innovation and their advanced technologies outperform other brands thanks to their world-class approach in their testing labs and dedication to an overall great finished product. Ariat offers some of the best jeans for tall skinny men to be found on the market and are worth the price as they will last across several seasons.

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    Longbida Men’s Ripped Slim Fit Skinny Destroyed Distressed Tapered Leg Jeans

    Every man wants to be able to show his own sense of style and personality through his clothes and Longbida has answered the call with ripped skinny jeans that exude a fresh style that asserts one’s individuality. Their slim-fit distressed jeans offer the elasticity perfect for long days, made from soft cotton that is premium quality as well as comfortable and elegant. These jeans offer a youthful look and are ideal for leisure activities or for more informal occasions. These are some of the best jeans for tall skinny men that want a stylish alternative to traditionally tapered jeans and they are one of the preferred looks for men these days. Says one reviewer:

    “I used to work as a jeans salesperson. So when it comes to jeans I have a bit of higher expectation when it comes to fitment and material. To be honest this is now my favorite pair of jeans! The quality is good, its a bit thicker threading. The styling is super nice & modern. Matches pretty much anything and I haven’t noticed any fading so far after a couple months and countless washes. Love it and would recommend anyone thinking about it to just get it!”

    Calvin Klein Men’s Skinny Fit Jeans

    There are few brands as synonymous for class and distinction in menswear as Calvin Klein, with their jeans coveted by men everywhere. Their skinny-fit jeans are just one of the styles that the brand offers that is designed for leaner men and include a reimagined tinted denim, five-pocket styling, and sit right below the waist for the ultimate comfortable fit. Updated highlights with their latest version include a nickel finish, omega stitching, and a soft logo patch made of leather in contrasting colors. The additional stretch assures men more freedom of movement, while the deconstructed design is more stylish and in tune with today’s trends. These are arguably some of the best jeans for tall skinny men as they are offered in several inseams for men that are outside traditional sizing.

    Dickies Men’s Relaxed Fit Straight-Leg Duck Carpenter Jean

    There are jeans for pleasure and jeans for work and Dickie’s is a brand known for producing highly durable pants that are able to perform under the toughest of working conditions. Their relaxed-fit carpenter jeans are no exception and have been sanded and washed to offer a broken-in feel that is comfortable from the first day of wearing. Wearers will notice there is more room through the seat and thigh which means they fit well over boots, plus workers are able to keep tools in the hammer loops and dual tool pockets that are attached. Featuring a snug waist and button closure, men don’t have to worry about these pants expanding and shifting during a long day as durability is one of Dickie’s primary objectives when it comes to manufacturing their stellar jeans.

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    Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans

    As one of the perennial favorite brands for legions of men for generations, Levi’s is at the top of the class when it comes to creating high-quality apparel that makes a lasting impression. Levi’s 501 jeans have been worn for decades and are synonymous with menswear, featuring a classic straight fit through the legs, the iconic signature fly button, and are made from 100% cotton. Not only are these some of the best jeans for tall skinny guys available on the market, but the beauty of Levi’s is that they can be tailored, distressed, or altered to your own particular aesthetic and still look great. Says one customer:

    “These are the only jeans I buy. They always fit as expected. The stitching is nice and sturdy. The material thickness is just right. And the classic fit, look, and feel is impossible to beat. I’m not a guy who needs variety in my jeans aside from color. So I keep a few pairs in my drawer at all times. The button fly is a total preference thing. I personally wouldn’t go back now that I’m used to it, but there are many who prefer the zipper fly. If you need the zipper then these probably aren’t for you. But if you like, or think you could get used to the buttons, then it’s hard to beat these jeans.”

    Buffalo David Bitton Men’s Straight Six Jeans

    The commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability looms large with Buffalo, and their David Bitton Straight Six jeans remain true to their mantra by offering durable pants that offer exceptional quality as well as style for men. With their stretch-fit denim jeans available in a broad range of shades and washes, customers will appreciate the timeless straight silhouette and the increased range of motion granted thanks to the cut and fabric used. Other features include classic five-pocket styling with medium cuffs and the versatility that allows men to dress them up or down depending on the occasion. For men that want the best jeans for tall skinny guys at an affordable price, this is one brand that makes the grade.

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    Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Stretch Jeans

    Levi’s has always been a brand that stays a step ahead of the pack when it comes to today’s trends, and their 511 slim-fit jeans are now considered a classic design preferred by men. Sitting right below the waist and made from stretchy material, the fit extends from the hip down to the ankle and features Levi’s advanced stretch technology that delivers the ultimate in flexibility and comfort. Designed to fit close to the body, the 511 series offers a great alternative to traditional skinny jeans, and features a zipper closure, slim fit through the thighs and seat, and are made from 99% cotton and 1% Elastane, the perfect complement to a man’s wardrobe.

    Lucky Brand Men’s 121 Heritage Slim Jean

    The Lucky Brand is known for effortlessly capturing the essence of California style, offering comfortable and chic jeans that allow men free range of movement and a great silhouette. Made from soft, stretchy denim, their dark blue jeans are versatile enough for both casual and semi-formal occasions and are ideal for slender men that want a more upscale approach to their denim. Sitting right at mid-waist, Lucky Brand jeans offer slight whiskering and sanding through the front areas, a 15-inch leg opening, and original hardware for a singular look that is impossible to ignore. The brand offers some of the best jeans for tall skinny men and is well worth the investment for any man looking to upgrade his wardrobe.

    GINGTTO Men’s Ripped Jeans

    There is a definite art to producing quality denim and GINGTTO is one brand that makes jeans that fit a broad range of body types, from slender, tall men to bodybuilders and all types in between. Made from super stretchy material that allows men to breathe and an expanded range of movement, their denim offers a tailored fit through the ankle and has enough quality to last across several seasons. Customers that purchase their denim are very satisfied, with one noting:

    “I ordered one pair of these to try and see if I liked them. 30 seconds after trying them on I ordered 4 more pairs to replace every pair of jeans I own. These are absolutely fantastic. Nice and stretchy, tight fit with plenty of shape, and exactly the right length. The front pockets are large enough to fit my whole hands in, the back pockets are pretty standard and large enough for my big phone, the zipper feels quality and the button has a nice looking logo on it.”

    Levi’s Men’s 510 Skinny Fit Jeans

    With so many styles under their belt, it is little wonder that Levi’s has yet another entry to make the list, with their 510 skinny fit jeans perfectly designed for leaner, taller men. Made from flexible fabric for a broader range of motion, this denim is regarded as some of the best jeans for tall skinny men as the elasticity affords men enhanced comfort. The skinny fit runs from the hip through to the ankle, with wearers able to appreciate the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that the company is known for. Manufactured with 70% cotton, 20% Lyocell, and 2% Elastane, they come with a zipper closure and are extremely breathable so they can be worn for longer days in complete comfort. What makes them even more ideal for tall, skinny men is how they sit right at the waist and fit perfectly through the thighs and seat. Levi’s has produced yet another line of denim that covers all the bases in men’s denim.

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    Ultimately, men want to wear jeans that are comfortable, fashionable, and fully functional. No matter what body type a man may be, these are the primary factors that dictate his decisions in the denim he wears. The best jeans for tall, skinny men should address all of these issues and offer the features that allow them to lead their lifestyles without any hassles. There are many variations of jeans on the market for men to take into consideration, with some offering more features that allow for better work conditions, with others offering more versatility for more semi-formal occasions.

    At the end of the day, premium quality denim uses the best materials to ensure that the denim can be worn across several years and still look in peak condition. Of course, finding jeans for tall skinny guys is achievable, as long as men know what to look for and which brands are able to offer the attributes they desire. Once you can narrow down what you are looking for and the type of fit you desire, getting a great pair of jeans that fit your taller, leaner frame will not be a problem at all.

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