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23 Best Jean Shorts for Thick Thighs

    Best jean shorts for thick thighs

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    If you have thick thighs, you might have always shied away from wearing jean shorts. But now is the time to celebrate your body just the way it is. Discover some of the best jean shorts for thick thighs below.

    All you need to do is make some changes to your wardrobe and channel your inner diva to look better than you ever have before. Do not let anyone police your outfits; wear what makes you feel beautiful and gives you the confidence to take over the world!

    Silver Jeans Co. Women’s Plus Size Suki Mid Rise Short

    For all the curvy women out there, Silver Jeans has done it again with its denim shorts for thick thighs. These shorts are a curvy fit that gives you a snug look you want, ensuring comfortable. These shorts come with a high-stretch fabric that does not lose its shape even if you wear it for days on end.

    The sizing is perfect to rest on your waist and gives you plenty of room in the thigh area to move around, and does not dig into your sides. It doesn’t matter what shape you are in. These pairs of shorts will give you the curves to die for.

    Bandolino Women’s Theadora Tummy Toner Pull-on Skimmer Short

    Do you want that smooth and slim look? These Bandolino women’s Theadore tummy toner pull-on skimmer shorts can give you the slim thick look you want. The shorts come with a tummy toner panel that slims down the appearance of bulges and muffin tops. The hidden elastic makes it a comfortable pull-on option. It goes to your mid-waist and gives you the voluptuous shape you need.

    The best part about these shorts is the pull-on closure. As a plus-size woman, you may expect the buttons to dig into your skin. The elastic makes it a comfortable choice, and you can wear it throughout the day comfortably. These best jean shorts for thick thighs end above the knees to give you both comfort and style. Pair it up with a jacket, and everyone will be looking at you.

    NYDJ Women’s Plus Size Briella Jean Shorts with Roll Cuffs | Slimming & Flattering Fit

    The inseam of the NYDJ shorts makes them a highly comfortable option. The Briella Jean shorts come with an exclusive lift and tuck technology that allow you to have a slimming persona. The slimming panel has a criss-cross design on the back to give you a slimming shape and further accentuate your curves.

    If you want a pair of jean shorts that give you the slimming effect and are also spacey enough for your thick thighs, this pair is the best match for you. The roll cuffs give your shorts the stylish element to go with your outfits and help you turn heads around.

    Lee Women’s Plus Size Relaxed-Fit Bermuda Short

    The Lee Women’s plus size denim shorts are a very popular option with Bermuda fitting that can help bigger women show off their curves. One of the biggest problems plus-size women face is ill-fitting shorts. While some shorts may fit the waist perfectly, they can be too tight around the thighs.

    In this case, the Lee Women’s relaxed fit shorts shape your body in the best way. The fabric is stretchy for additional comfort, with button closures for the perfect fit. With 5 pocket styling, these shorts are not just comfortable but are also highly functional.

    The Bermuda shorts are slightly longer than other shorts and are perfect for day-to-day wear.

    ALLEGRACE Plus Size Denim Shorts Women High Waisted Stretch Summer Jean Shorts

    This ALLEGRACE pair is one of the best jean shorts for thick thighs, with its destroyed look and cuffed style. The high-rise waist accentuates your curves to give you the confidence to keep your head high every time you walk through the door. With functional pockets and belt loops, these jean shorts can be the solution to your daily outfits.

    These jean shorts are made especially for plus-size women with a little loose fit but not too baggy. Overall, the comfortable fit allows you to do all your chores and look like a million bucks.

    Silver Jeans Co. Women’s Plus Size Boyfriend Mid Rise Short

    Have you been waiting to try out boyfriend jeans but fear that your thick thighs won’t fit? The Silver Jeans Co. Women’s Boyfriend mid-rise shorts are your salvation. These shorts are the perfect design to not only fit your thick thighs but also make them the star of the show. The cuffed hem adds an element of style. You can pair these shorts with a crop top and fall in love with your body again.

    With good fitting and a perfect rise, the Silver Jeans Co Boyfriend shorts are a great contender for the best jean shorts for thick thighs. With a versatile size chart, these shorts can cater to your body no matter what size.

    Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Plus-Size Comfort Waist Bermuda Short

    Are you not a big fan of button closures? These Rider Bermuda shorts come with elastic closure that makes them a very comfortable fit. Gaping is one of the biggest pet peeves of plus-size women, and this is why many of them keep shorts out of their wardrobes. However, these Bermuda shorts have a no-gap elastic waist that eliminates the possibility of gaping.

    The shorts are a comfortable choice for the summers and can give you the liberty to move as you please and get done with all your chores. You can trust Riders not to ride up your thighs and make you uncomfortable.

    Levi’s Women’s Bermuda Short

    Many plus-size women opt for Bermuda shorts since they are usually longer and more comfortable for thick thighs. The mid-rise shorts sit perfectly on the waist while the length ends just above the knees giving complete coverage. Plus size women often opt for these shorts for their body-hugging and slimming factor. The Bermuda jean shorts come with a zipper closure that fits perfectly around your waist and give you a smooth thigh and hip area.

    The pockets rest perfectly to the sides, making these shorts the fashion statement that keeps you looking classy. These Bermuda shorts will surely give you a flattering look.

    Gloria Vanderbilt Women’s Amanda Basic Jean Short

    Do you think that a basic pair of jean shorts will give your wardrobe the glow-up it needs? If not, you must try out the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda basic jean shorts. These basic shorts fit you perfectly as they rest on the natural waistline and contour your hips to give you that extra oomph. The finished hem gives these shorts a cute look that will go well with many of your tops.

    These basic jean shorts give you plenty of room to move around. The thigh area is big enough for your thighs to be thick and proud. With stretchy fabric, these shorts can be a part of your go-to outfit this summer.

    Bandolino Women’s Mandie High Rise 17″ Roll Cuff Skimmer Short

    The Bandolino women’s Mandie high-rise jean shorts are the perfect fashion statement. These jean shorts are high rise and can cover your belly to give you a smooth look. The waist also comes with belt loops that are great for you to accentuate your waist and give you the right curves. However, the shorts feature a flexible material, the perfect match for thick thighs.

    Ideally, the shorts end below your knees in a roll cuff fashion. These shorts are best to pair with a top and spend your summers looking cute and relaxed. These shorts can also double as capris that can go wonderfully with a flowy shirt to give you all the summer feels.

    Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Plus-Size Modern Collection 8″ Double Rolled Cuff Denim Short

    The slim-fit double-rolled cuff denim shorts are a great match for women who are conscious about their thick thighs and need a little bit of self-love. The modern collection comes in a slim fit that helps hug your curves in all the right places and gives your thighs the comfort you need. The shorts fit perfectly around the waist and give ample space in the thigh and hip area to make it more comfortable.

    The tight fit or Riders do not limit mobility, making them the best jean shorts for thick thighs during the summers. These shorts make it easy for you to go on with your day-to-day chores and have high functionality with their 5 pocket design.

    Silver Jeans Co. Women’s Plus Size Suki Mid Rise Shorts

    This curvy-fit Bermuda is the best example of jean shorts for thick thighs. This pair comes with a mid-rise style and a power stretch denim. With great fitting and high comfort, you can slip into these jean shorts for the rest of the summer. They have great recovery, which means that the shorts will not lose shape and stay the same way for a long time.

    With a straight-leg style, the jean shorts fit all the curves on your legs and give you a slimming feel. The shorts have strong stitching, making them highly compatible with thick thighs. They also come with a 5 pocket design and a zip fly to cover your torso perfectly.

    Lee Women’s Plus Size Ultra Lux Mid-Rise Straight Leg Jean Short

    If you wish to lie back this summer, you must get your hands on the Ultra Lux shorts by Lee. These shorts come in a super-stretchy premium fabric, which gives you additional comfort. You can do whatever you want wearing these shorts, and they won’t lose shape. The fabric hugs your body but is still breathable for your thick thighs to give you comfort and mobility.

    The stylish fitting of the shorts makes them a perfect companion for your summer tops. With high durability, you can expect these shorts to last you without losing shape.

    The Drop Women’s Standard Sasha Loose Fit High Rise Button-Fly Cutoff Denim Short

    Loose-fitting and high-rise jean shorts are the talk of the town. They are the Best jean shorts for thick thighs as they come with a cutoff design that is a stylish and comfortable option for plus-size women. You can get more coverage with these shorts as compared to other options. These are loose-fitting so that women can easily move around and have the liberty to stay comfortable while serving looks simultaneously.

    Shorts are all about comfort, and these denim shorts give you the comfort you need to spend all summer on your feet. The fabric is soft and stretchy, so you don’t have to worry about tightening around your thighs.

    Tulucky Women Plus Size Jean Shorts High Waist

    These Tulucky jean shorts feature a classic high rise that fits perfectly on the waist. The shorts also come with belt loops that can help you tighten the waist and give your body the shape you need. These high-rise jeans can be paired with any top of your liking and give you a highly fashionable look. If comfort is high on your priority, these jean shorts can leave you relaxed and comfortable enough to spend the entire day in them.

    Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Denim Short (Standard plus)

    These imported shorts have a zipper and button closure to wrap around your lower body fashionably. With cuffed legs, the shorts are a style statement and can alleviate the look of your outfit instantly.

    Its designer wear makes it a better fit for curvy women as it comes with exceptional stitching. The shape is very flattering and can help enhance your natural shape to give you high body confidence. You can find these shorts in two different colors and pair them up with different tops to give your outfit extra points for contrast.

    Dickies Women’s Plus Size Carpenter Short

    The Dickies women’s shorts come with an 11-inch seam to help you look your beautiful self and be as comfortable as possible. The carpenter shorts end on your knees and give you the maximum coverage you need. The shorts come with a flex fabrication technology that provides high mobility and allows you to spend your days active without the restriction of ill-fitted shorts.

    The waistband is contoured and gives you the feminine shape that most denim shorts for thick thighs fail to deliver. These carpenter shorts are the best fit for summer and can give you several different outfit options.

    Lola Jeans Women’s Bermuda Shorts

    Made of sustainable stretch premium denim, Lola jeans Bermuda shorts are a slim-fit design for your thick thighs. The zipper closer rests on your waist to give you an accentuated waistline and hugs your curves in the best ways possible. The raw edge hem makes for a stylish and edgy option. You can pair the shorts with any top you like, and the look will be highly fashionable.

    From the start of the day to the day’s end, you can don these shorts and spend your summers in the most comfortable denim shorts for thick thighs out there.

    SLIM-SATION Women’s Plus Size Wide Band Pull-on Solid Walking Short

    Who does not want to be as comfortable as they all possibly can be? Especially if you have thick thighs that do not fit into average jean shorts. The Slim-Station’s jean shorts are made of stretchable material that hugs your body like a glove however are extremely comfortable. The stretchy material does not just lift your body but also gives you a slimmer appearance.

    Hate having dents in your jean shorts? These shorts are the answer for smoothened bumps and dents to give you a smooth effect. You can go about your day-to-day life and stay comfortable and stylish. The shape contouring waistband hides any bulges and helps you feel tighter.

    The Drop Women’s Jennifer Cut-Off Vintage Denim Long Short

    If you dislike shorts that are either too tight or too loose around the waist and the thighs, you need to go for The Drop Women’s Jennifer cutoff vintage denim long shorts that come in a regular fit and follow the contours of your body.

    The style is vintage and gives you the comfort of a stretchy denim fabric that is comfortable for your waist and your thighs. With high-quality zippers and buttons, these shorts are highly durable, and the pockets make them a very functional choice.

    SLIM-SATION Women’s Wide Band Pull-on Solid Walking Short

    Do you not want to bother yourself with buttons and fly? The Slim Station offers a pull-on pair of shorts that give you a tummy-shaping elastic that helps you not just flatten your tummy but also contour your thighs to give you a slim and smooth look. These pairs of shorts are highly durable and can last you a very long time. They are super light and give you the feeling of extreme comfort throughout the day, unlike tight jean shorts.

    Vintage America Blues Women’s Vintage Mini Denim Short

    Lastly, if you are looking for mini denim jeans, the Vintage America blues denim shorts maybe your best option. They have an easy front zipper and belt loops to fit your waist in the best way.

    The jean shorts come with rolled inseams that give you a fashionable look and help you pair some of your best tops. You can find the shorts in different washes that match the rest of the clothes in your wardrobe.

    Finding the best clothing for your body can help you boost your confidence by ten folds. If you can get your hands on the best jean shorts for thick thighs, then you will be able to finally accept your body and celebrate it for being healthy, beautiful, and simply magnificent. Don’t hide your thighs under long flowy dresses or skirts; wear jean shorts and carpe diem!

    Woman wearing jean shorts and leather jacket Do jean shorts look good on thick thighs?

    Yes! Jean shorts look great on thick thighs and can be the best addition to your wardrobe.

    Denim shorts are a great fashion statement for women with thick thighs and plus-size women. It allows them to show some skin and let their curvy legs do the talking for them.

    Best jean shorts for thick thighs How should you wear shorts if you have big thighs?

    If you have big thighs, you shouldn’t have to shy away from wearing shorts, as they can help you accentuate your waist and legs in the best ways possible. All you need to do is muster up some courage and look fabulous!

    You can match your shorts with any crop tops or basic t-shirts and enjoy your look to the max. You can also add a belt to accentuate your waistline further and give your body a break.

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