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15 Best Jeans for Horseback Riding for Women

    Best jeans for horseback riding

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    Other than jodhpurs and breeches, jeans are also great options for horseback riding. However, not all jeans can handle the intensity of this activity. Your everyday jeans might not be sturdy enough, and the designs could hurt you and even your saddle.

    The type of jeans you need is also different depending on if you’re into Western or English riding. Only jeans specifically designed for horse riding can let you stay on the saddle all day.

    If you’re a rider looking for the best jeans for horseback riding, look no further. We’ve compiled the best horse riding jeans that you can wear for years to come, so read on to find your perfect fit!

    Bootcut Jeans

    Girl riding a horse

    Bootcut jeans are one of the best jeans for horseback riding because of their design. They’re slim-fitted throughout the hip and thigh, and they flare out from the knee down.

    The bootcut legs are the perfect match for your cowboy boots or riding boots, as they cover the boot opening and help prevent rocks and other things from entering your shoes. However, not just any bootcut jeans will do the trick.

    The perfect bootcut jeans for riders is a pair that’s sturdy, stretchy, and comfortable. Preferably with a mid-rise or high-rise waist, as they provide the most coverage while riding.

    Here are a few pairs of bootcut jeans for women that fit these criteria:

    Wrangler Women’s Willow Mid Rise Performance Waist Boot Cut Ultimate Riding Jean

    Wrangler is known for taking inspiration from the wild west and imbuing it into their denim designs, and they also offer collections made for real Western riders, like this pair right here. It’s made with 1% elastane, so they’ll move with you as you ride.

    The mid-rise waist has a no-gap waistband that’s higher in the back and lower in the front, so you don’t have to worry about waist gaps while you’re on the saddle. They’re also constructed with durable materials that will last for years to come.

    Built with your riding comfort in mind, these jeans also feature flat inseams to prevent chafing, making them real staples for all the cowgirls out there.

    Ariat R.E.A.L. Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans – Women’s Denim

    These bootcut jeans by Ariat are thoughtfully engineered for riders, so you can definitely ride in them. They’re made with Ariat’s performance stretch denim for your ultimate riding comfort and premium durability.

    The slim-fitted thigh and hip area hug your curves all day long, and the slightly flared bootcut legs fall over your boots nicely. The contrast stitchings and pocket embroidery all exude Western appeal, making them perfect essentials for a cowgirl’s wardrobe.

    Several lengths are also available, so you’ll be able to find your perfect pair no matter if your fit is short, regular, long, or extra long. Plus, these jeans have been tested and approved by riders, so don’t worry about them being impractical for horseback riding.

    Wrangler Women’s Shiloh Low Rise Boot Cut Ultimate Riding Jean

    These Wrangler jeans are perfect for both riding and the day-to-day. The low-rise waist is perfect for ladies with an apple shape body, and the no-gap waistband makes sure you get full coverage and comfort while you’re on the saddle.

    Made with durable denim fabric, the right amount of stretch, and a full-flex knee, you can ride without any restrictions. And of course, they feature flat inseams, so you wouldn’t experience uncomfortable chafing caused by the friction.

    Other than enhancements for riders, they’re awesome in the style department as well. With contrast stitching and embroidered pockets, these jeans will keep you looking your best both on the saddle or in town.

    ARIAT Women’s R.e.a.l Mid Rise Boot Cut Jean

    Tested and approved by real riders, you can count on these Ariat jeans for some Western horseback riding. Made with 100% cotton, these jeans can handle the intensity of life on the saddle for years to come.

    The mid-rise waist is also equipped with a contour waistband that prevents waist gaps and darts to flatter your figure, so you can ride in comfort and in style. The bootcut legs fall nicely over your favorite pair of boots and help prevent dirt and rock from entering while you ride.

    In terms of sizing, these jeans come in short, regular, long, and extra long lengths, so you’ll find your fit no matter your height and preference.

    Wrangler Women’s Cool Vantage Q-Baby Ultimate Riding Jean

    These babies are named the ultimate riding jeans for a reason. They’re made with the right amount of stretch and premium sturdy denim, so they offer unrestricted movement while you ride. Another thing that made these jeans stand out is their sweat-control technology.

    They’re made with Wrangler’s exclusive sweat-wicking materials, so they dry five times faster than regular riding jeans, so you can look cool and feel cool all day. Wrangler’s Q-Baby line is also available in plus-size sizing, so you’ll find your perfect fit regardless of your size.

    There are also four washes for you to choose from, so what are you waiting for? Get a pair now, cowgirl!

    Rock and Roll Cowgirl Women’s Riding Boot Cut in Dark Vintage

    You’ll be the most stylish cowgirl in town in these riding bootcut jeans! Rock and Roll Cowgirl makes all its jeans with both function and style in mind, so its jeans can handle both work and play. They’re hand sanded and wickered to create that worn-in vintage look that’s super chic, and the thick contrast stitching is there to turn heads.

    They’re made with durable denim imbued with just the right amount of stretch that’ll keep you comfortable on the saddle and on the dancefloor. The flares feature a 17.5” opening, so they’ll fall over your favorite boots with no problem.

    With so many perks, these are definitely one of the best jeans for horseback riding out there.

    Wrangler Women’s Cash Mid Rise Vented Hem Ultimate Riding Jean

    Look and feel your best in the saddle with these riding bootcut jeans by Wranglers! Constructed with 13 Oz. denim, these jeans are durable and can handle the intensity of riding. The mid-rise design sits at the waist, giving you full coverage on the saddle and a flattering figure for everyday wear.

    The built-in contour waistband means you don’t have to worry about waist gaps while you’re on the saddle. The flared bootcut design is both functional and stylish, as it helps prevent rocks and dirt from entering your boots while you ride, and it’s one of the hottest denim trends right now, not to mention that it’s a style that’s always in season.

    Cowgirl Tuff Women’s Don’t Fence Me in Jeans

    Want to ride in style? These bootcut jeans are your best bet, cowgirl! With a higher rise in the back, the mid-rise waist is specially designed to provide full coverage and all-day comfort while you ride.

    They’re also expertly hand sanded and faded to create a worn-in vintage look that goes with everything. They also feature cool embroidery on the back pockets that highlight your assets and help you stand out.

    Built with 2% elastane, you can count on these jeans to be comfy and free of restrictions, perfect for a day of riding. The bootcut legs will also fall over your favorite boots, making them truly essentials for any cowgirl.

    Denim Breeches

    Best jeans for horseback riding - breeches

    If you’re into English riding, then denim breeches will work better than bootcut jeans for you. Denim breeches are one of the best horse riding jeans because they’re made for it.

    Breeches have a snug fit, so they can fit into the tall riding boots with no problem. They help protect your groin and leg area from the discomfort of riding, such as chafing.

    The design can help protect your saddle as well. Plus, the seat is often enhanced to provide extra grip while you’re on the saddle. Breeches are not traditionally made with denim, but now they’re available in many different styles.

    Here are a few pairs of denim breeches that make the list of the best jeans for horseback riding for women.

    Dublin Shona Knee Patch Denim Breech

    Designed for equestrians, these denim breeches are one of the best jeans for horseback riding. They feature enhanced suede knee patches that provide extra grip and protection against chafing. These denim breeches also have a mid-rise fit, so you get full coverage while riding.

    They also feature a no-gap waistband, so you can say goodbye to the annoying waist gap. They’re made with two-way stretch denim that will move with you while you’re on the saddle, and the slim fit offers all-day comfort and a flattering look.

    The knee patches and belt loops are in a warm tan shade that contrasts beautifully against the dark indigo wash of the jeans, so you can ride in style in these breeches.

    HORZE Kaia Women’s High Waist Denim Silicone Full Seat Breeches

    Looking for a pair of stylish and practical jeans for English riding? You’ve just found your perfect fit right here. The full seat design that runs down to your calves gives you more security while you’re on the saddle, and the silicone print that covers the seat provides extra grip, so you won’t have to worry about slipping while galloping or jumping obstacles.

    The high-waisted design provides full coverage and highlights your waist, so you can ride in style too. The back pockets are embroidered with equestrian designs, along with the contrast stitching, you’ll definitely stand out in these denim breeches.

    Goode Rider Equestrian F/S Jean

    You can expect the best from the leader of equestrian products in the US, and these horse riding jeans do not disappoint. These jeans are made with four-way stretch denim that’ll offer unrestricted movement while you gallop and jump as well as all-day comfort.

    The ultra full seat offers grip and flexibility to help enhance your in-saddle performance. Plus, the modified mid-rise waist offers full coverage, and the customizable waistband allows you to adjust until the jeans fit you perfectly.

    They offer hook-and-loop leg closures at the hem as well, so they will stay inside your boots and half chaps securely. All these features make these equestrian jeans one of the best jeans for horseback riding.

    Goode Rider Ladies Full Seat Vogue Jean

    Not only can these full-seat denim breeches handle in-saddle performance, but they are also packed with style. These denim breeches are made with special twisted yarns to give them super stretch and make them soft to the touch, so you can ride in comfort all day in these jeans.

    They even feature a customizable waistband that allows you to adjust the fit of the waist whenever, making them even more comfortable. With a dark indigo wash, they’ll go with anything, and the whips embroidery on the back certainly adds some style points to them.

    Wear them with your favorite riding boots and go riding!

    Straight Leg Jeans

    Woman wearing straight leg jeans

    Even though the best riding jeans are ones that have a more snug fit throughout the hip and thigh, some people still prefer straight-leg jeans for horseback riding.

    The trick is to pick ones with flat inseams that will protect you from chafing if you ride on a regular basis. If you don’t ride so often, then a pair of straight-leg jeans with a slim fit around the thigh will do the trick.

    At the end of the day, comfort is key, so it depends on what you find comfortable while riding. If you prefer straight-leg jeans on the saddle, here are some top picks for you.

    ARIAT Women’s Straight Leg Jeans

    Being one of the top brands in equestrian, outdoor, and work clothing, Ariat doesn’t disappoint, and these riding jeans are proof. These straight leg jeans have been tested and approved by riders, so you can count on them for riding.

    The performance stretch denim used to make these jeans are imbued with 2% spandex to offer enough stretch to move with you while you’re on the saddle. They also feature a slim fit throughout the hip and thigh to give you a fit that’s comfy and flattering at the same time.

    Being made from such a durable material, these high-quality jeans will hold their shape all day long, making sure you look your best all the time.

    Wrangler Women’s Western Mid Rise Stretch Straight Leg Jean

    Wrangler’s Western line for women is filled with pieces that combine both function and fashion, and these jeans are one of them. The mid-rise fit sits slightly below your natural waist, so your waist won’t feel constricted while you sit. Plus, you can show off your belt buckle with this fit.

    Made with a durable blend of cotton and stretch, these jeans offer unrestricted movement while you ride and a durability that will last for years. The straight legs fall over most boots with ease, so you can bet that they’ll look great with your favorite jeans.

    Even though these jeans are not made for horse riding, they’re still a pair of high-quality jeans that can handle some saddle action.

    Cowgirl Tuff Women’s Straight

    Designed by a true cowgirl, these straight leg jeans by Cowgirl Tuff can take you from saddle to a night on the town without a problem.

    The durable blend of cotton and spandex gives these jeans enough structure to hold their shape all day and enough stretch to let you move without restrictions. These jeans are strategically faded to highlight your assets, and they’re expertly hand sanded to create that vintage worn-in look you know and love.

    The contrast stitching stands out against the dark indigo wash, and the barbed wire embroidery on their back pockets adds a bit of edge to your everyday look. Get them now and they will become your new go-tos very soon.

    Best jeans for horseback riding - straight leg jeans Are jeans good for horseback riding?

    Definitely! Jeans are great for horseback riding because they’re sturdy, comfortable, and versatile.

    Jeans were originally designed as sturdy workwear for miners, but because of that, they soon became favorites among riders. There are many riding jeans on the market right now for both Western riding and English riding.

    They are specifically made for some saddle action, so they can last longer. Plus, jeans are super versatile, so they can take you from horseback to a night on the town without a problem.

    Best jeans for horseback riding What are the best types of jeans for riding horses?

    The best type of jeans for riding horses are riding jeans that are specifically designed for horse riding. The cut, however, varies depending on your riding style.

    If you’re doing Western riding, then bootcut jeans and straight leg jeans are your top picks because they offer comfort and practicality.

    The wider legs of these styles fall over your boots easily and can help prevent dirt and rocks from entering as you ride. Do remember that you should pick jeans with flat inseams if you’re riding with a higher intensity and frequency, but if you don’t ride that often, then well-made Western jeans can do the trick.

    For English riding, the best type of jeans is denim breeches. They offer both the comfort and style of jeans and the functions of riding breeches. Depending on your needs, you can go for either knee patch breeches or full seat breeches. Both of these styles offer extra grip, but when you’re galloping or jumping obstacles, full seat breeches are better.

    Finding jeans that fit you properly is hard enough, let alone finding comfortable jeans that can handle the intensity of horseback riding. If horse riding jeans are what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

    No matter if you need jeans for Western or English riding, this article has some of the best jeans for horseback riding for you to choose from. So, find your perfect fit for a ride now!

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